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Tannoy Eclipse One

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Tannoy Eclipse One   Tannoy ist die älteste Lautsprecherfirma der Welt und hat mit... mehr
Produktinformationen "Tannoy Eclipse One"

Tannoy Eclipse One


Tannoy ist die älteste Lautsprecherfirma der Welt und hat mit ihrem markanten Dual-Concentric-Koaxialtreibern hohe Klangstandards in Bezug auf Abbildungsschärfe und Präzision gesetzt. Doch die Schotten haben – auch durch ihr Engagement im Bereich öffentliche Beschallung – so viel akustische Erfahrung gesammelt, dass sie selbstredend auch bei vergleichsweise günstigen Lautsprechern überragende Ergebnisse erzielen. Die neue Eclipse-Familie, bestehend aus der kompakten Eclipse One und den beiden Standboxen Two und Three, verzichtet auf die aufwändige (und teure) Dual-Concentric-Technologie, schafft aber mit ihren klassischen Hoch- und Tiefmitteltönern eine fast genau so perfekte und natürliche Klangbalance wie die größeren Linien.

Introduction - Eclipse

Listening to the demands from music fans for a more affordable Tannoy loudspeaker, Eclipse is Tannoy’s new entry-level hi-fi series set to redefine the budget loudspeaker market. By distilling Tannoy’s technologies and engineering expertise to their basic, essential elements, refining manufacturing processes and offering a stylish, black oak finish, Eclipse redefines performance for budget loudspeakers.


Eclipse is Tannoy’s entry-level high fidelity loudspeaker, offering audiophile quality music reproduction at outstanding value for money.

Eclipse drivers are a whole new design, bringing together the smoothness and accuracy of a coated silk dome tweeter with the attack and punch of Tannoy’s renowned high-efficiency mid/bass drivers. The heavily built and braced cabinets use a traditional box design, ported and tuned to work seamlessly with the new drivers. The Eclipse range is finished to exceptional standards throughout with floorstanders benefitting from integrated plinths for stability.

Available in three models, the compact Eclipse One is an ideal bookshelf size loudspeaker and can be stand mounted for peak performance. The Eclipse Two is a compact floorstanding model using the same driver array as the Eclipse One, adding deeper bass extension and improved power handling. The mighty Eclipse Three is the flagship floorstanding model using a D’Apollito driver array in a larger cabinet to combine exceptional music imaging with deep and tuneful bass. Finished in dark yet cool satin black oak and equipped with sturdy gold-plated speaker terminals, Eclipse puts all other budget loudspeakers in the shade.

Drive Unit

Designed from the ground up to achieve unbeatable performance at incredible value for money, Eclipse drivers use high-tech materials and the latest cutting edge production processes. The series’ tweeter, used across all models, uses a 28 mm (1.10”) woven polyester dome diaphragm, chosen for its accuracy and detail, custom coated to Tannoy’s exacting specification with a layer of nitro-urethane damping.

The coating serves to move the ‘break-up’ frequency much further outside the human range of hearing, leading to smoother and less fatiguing sound. Driven by a powerful neodymium motor assembly, the Eclipse series HF performance is supremely accurate with smooth top-end extension out to over 32 kHz, faithfully reproducing super-sonic harmonics in the music.

The Wideband technology makes Eclipse loudspeakers ideal for High Resolution Audio.

The new 127 mm (5.00”) Eclipse mid/bass driver builds on Tannoy’s extensive experience in high dynamic range transducers to offer unrivalled midband clarity and low frequency performance in its class. The cone is crafted from a light, stiff multi-fibre enriched paper pulp, coated to improved detailing and offering exceptional transient response to give rhythmic music realistic drive and punch. A nitrile rubber surround, large ferrite motor and Tannoy’s advanced cooling design means high efficiency and high power handling up to 240 Watt peak (Eclipse Three).

The floorstanding Eclipse Three benefits from a premium D’Appolito driver configuration. Placing the tweeter centrally between the two bass/mid drivers smooths dispersion through the crossover region, delivering a highly articulate performance on or off axis. Eclipse crossovers draw on the design and component choices of Tannoy’s more affluent models, including the use of low loss laminated core inductors for exceptional musical detailing.


From the compact 8 litre Eclipse One to the imposing 27 litre Eclipse Three at nearly a metre tall, Eclipse series loudspeakers draw on Tannoy’s large loudspeaker heritage to deliver the biggest sound in their class. Constructed from heavyweight fibreboard, each cabinet is braced internally and expertly jointed and bonded to reduce cabinet colouration.

The optimally tuned rear ported design allows the new 127 mm (5.00”) Eclipse mid/bass driver to integrate perfectly with the cabinet. The Eclipse Two and Eclipse Three floorstanding models further benefit from a two-part plinth that stabilises the cabinet to improved bass timing and drum attack. The result is tight and tuneful base with low frequency response down to a substantially deep 38 Hz (Eclipse Three).

The Eclipse design delivers class-leading low frequency extension and unrivalled bass performance.


Again drawing on Tannoy’s high-end loudspeaker designs, Eclipse drivers are mounted using Tannoy’s Differential material technology (DMT) compound and use eight bolts on the mid/bass drivers to ensure the perfect cabinet to driver integration. As you would expect from Tannoy, Eclipse’s audiophile details include robust, gold-plated loudspeaker terminals and floor spikes with surface protecting cups for the floorstanding models.


Despite being Tannoy’s most affordable full-size loudspeaker range, the fit and finish of each Eclipse model is second to no other speaker in its class. The high quality black oak vinyl veneer is beautifully applied with Tannoy’s usual attention to detail, with high quality trim detailing and removable grilles.





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