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ifi Audio DC iPurifier2

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  ifi Audio DC iPurifier2 Der Nachfolger des DC iPurifier.... mehr
Produktinformationen "ifi Audio DC iPurifier2"


ifi Audio DC iPurifier2

Der Nachfolger des DC iPurifier.

1hz to 5ghz_logo

Ultra-wide bandwidth design.

Quality components
for ultra-low ESR.

Strengthen your
defences against EMI.

Built-in polarity


Listening to music on your home system should sound perfect but chances are it doesn’t, and that’s due to hiss and distortion created by the power supply connected to your electronic device.


The DC iPurifier2 connects between the two, strips away noise and restores clear sound.

Plug Into Purity 
The DCPurifier2 handles 5 volts right through to 24, and comes in the following adapter sizes:


•   5.5×2.1mm
•   5.5×2.5mm,
•   3.5×1.35mm

Making it compatible with all power supplies.

And the DC iPurifier2 has taken a step into the future with:

•   Active Noise Cancellation 2 – To enhance noise reduction and bring recordings to the fore, and
•   Panasonic SP-Cap Polymer Capacitors – To minimise further noise and keep the temperature of your device stable.
•   Copper-alloy shielding – To block EMI and RFI noise.

A Quest For Quiet 
The DC iPurifier2 leaves no stone unturned in its quest to reduce noise, buzz and jitter from your music.

Listen to what you love in complete tranquillity.





Just insert the DC iPurifier2 between the existing noisy power supply and the device you want to use – it could be anything from a DAC to a DAW (digital audio workstation) – and the noise will be reduced by a factor of 316x to 100,000x.


Whether you’re using it at home or in a pro-audio environment, this is the simplest and most effective way of improving audio performance from one of the ‘dirtiest’ sources in a computer audio system.

Active Noise Cancellation2 
A cornerstone of our ever-improving iFi USB audio technology, our much-acclaimed and award-winning ANC® (Active Noise Cancellation) system is based on military radar defence technology. Specifically, it draws from the ingenious Thales Spectra system used in the French Dassault Rafale jet fighter.


ANC2® identifies noise frequencies coming from the SMPS then generates identical but opposite frequencies, which actively cancel all the incoming noise. It works brilliantly and, with the latest Active Noise Cancellation® technology, the DC iPurifier2 sharply reduces noise from five Volts all the way up to 24 Volts (3.5 amps).

Sonically, the background and inner resolution to recordings is brought to the fore and no longer hidden. The sound is warmer and smoother with individual elements more clearly defined – just as it would be on a good analogue system. Nothing else comes close.

Panasonic SP-Cap Polymer Aluminium Capacitors 
with an ultra-low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) and excellent noise reduction as well as stable temperature and frequency characteristics.
High-precision MELF resistors
Metal electrode leadless face resistors have excellent accuracy, stability, reliability, and pulse load capability.
Custom Operational amps 
with ultra-low noise and fast speed.
New copper-alloy shielding
This excellent EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding that isolates devices and cables to block radio frequency electromagnetic radiation.
1hz to 5ghz_logo Ultra wide-band design, effective from 1Hz to above 5GHz
The DC iPurifier2 is a ground-up, ultra-wide band design that leaves no stone unturned. Though it’s effective from 1Hz all the way up to 5GHz, the strongest performance is in the audible range of 20Hz to 20kHz.
Built-in polarity protection
A red protection LED will be lit if the input polarity is reversed (If reversed polarity, please correct).
Compatible with all power supply designs 5V-24V/3.5A/84W
The DC iPurifier2 handles 5 volts through to 24V and takes up to 3.5 Amps or 84 Watts. For different types of DC barrel connectors, the DC iPurifier2 works with 5.5 x 2.1mm but also ships with adapters for 5.5×2.5mm and 3.5×1.35mm. These three fittings cover the gamut of DC barrel connectors.


Professional audio applications typically require a ‘centre negative’ power supply. To lower noise with the DC iPurifier2, use a ‘centre positive’ power supply at the input and use a special white ‘inverter’ at the output.

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Höhere Musikalität - Klang und Dynamik werden nicht beeinträchtigt

In der Regel bin ich in einer Musikanlage sehr vorsichtig bei der Verwendung von Zubehörgeräten, die etwas filtern sollen, da dies häufig mit dem Verlust an Dynamik verbunden ist. Das ist jedoch beim ifi Audio DC iPurifier2 nicht der Fall.
Ich verwende den Purifier in einer Musikanlage mit einem Streamer. Der Purifier sitzt hier am Ausgang eines hochwertigen Netzteils (das etwa den 10-fachen Preis des Purifiers hat!) direkt vor einem Medienkonverter (5 Volt), in dem elektrische Signale (Audio-Daten) in optische Signale übersetzt werden, bevor der Streamer und die Musikanlage aus diese Daten in Musik umwandelt. Der Purifier ändert nichts am Klang oder der Dynamik, er schafft es aber feinste Details noch etwas besser hörbar zu machen, so dass die Musikalität der Wiedergabe gesteigert wird.

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