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Astell & Kern JH Audio Billie Jean

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  Astell & Kern JH Audio Billie Jean JH Audio hat für Astell & Kern einen... mehr
Produktinformationen "Astell & Kern JH Audio Billie Jean"


Astell & Kern JH Audio Billie Jean

JH Audio hat für Astell & Kern einen Einstiges-In-Ear entwickelt, der es in sich hat. Mit komplett neuem Aufbau der Treiber ( 2-Wege 2-BA Design ), Frequenzweiche und Soundkanal. Dies alles in einem sehr kompakten Gehäuse. Der Klang ist, wie man es von Jerry Harvey erwartet: ein echtes Powerhouse! Dazu ein hochwertiges steckbares Kabel sowie ein unschlagbarer Preis.

Jerry Harvey :

"Meet Billie Jean, the first dual driver Universal fit IEM from Astell&Kern and Jerry Harvey Audio. The Billie Jean IEM features Jerry’s iconic Rock ‘n Roll sound; a well-balanced and wide soundstage, incomparable dynamic range and Jerry Harvey Audio’s patented Freqphase® technology make this an IEM not to be missed. Billie Jean is the perfect match to compliment any Astell&Kern player."  

2-Wege 2-BA Drivers

The Balanced Armature drivers used in Billie Jean are a customized BA only available from Jerry Harvey Audio and is designed to bring more power with less weight.  Billie Jean will surprise you with efficient, yet powerful sound.

Jerry Harvey Audio’s Freqphase®, Timephase, and Waveguide technologies allow this 2-way 2-BA IEM to deliver the full range of audio performance anytime.

The special Acoustic Chamber Sound Bore design has been carefully crafted to bring a wide soundstage with incomparable dynamic range, without adding any interference.

We highly recommend you try Billie Jean with your favorite tunes, which will never sound the same again.


Geformt für den perfekten Sitz

Billie Jean is over 30% smaller compared to Michelle Limited. Its design has been optimized after a series of studies of different shapes of ear canals from both men and women of different ages. It fits and sits perfectly in your ears without bulkiness.


Das Kabel

The cable used in the Billie Jean is not common copper. Instead, it is a copper cable plated with silver.
The cable is manufactured by first compressing the silver plated copper wire, which is then flattened and rolled into a steady interval that is then used to wrap around the Kevlar. This newly developed cable has astounding tensile strength and delivers the full dynamic range of music.  There is a 3.5mm Unbalanced cable provided.

Conventional straight cables do not handle the frequent bending of cables and often short out. The intertwined cable disperses the stress to the cable and offers better resilience. It's also easier to wear around the outer ears as the cable shape can be easily adjusted for the best fit.


The brand name of Aramid fiber that DuPont USA manufactured.

It is very lightweight and more durable than nylon, and has the advantage of being very tough. Because it is made of light weight organic polymers such as carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen, allowing it to be 5 times more stronger than steel. Kevlar is particularly strong against friction and is commonly used for body armor and aircraft tires due to its excellent shock absorption.

Technische Daten

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